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Press Release Regarding The Terrorist Attacks In Pakistan , 05.04.2009

The abhorrent terrorist attacks that took place on 4 April 2009 in Islamabad, the capital city of brotherly Pakistan, claiming 8 lives of security personnel and injuring 12 people, and on 5 April 2009 against a place of worship killing at least 22 people was learned with deep sorrow. 

Turkey follows the attacks aiming at the peace and stability of the friendly people of Pakistan with great concern and shares the pain of the brotherly people of Pakistan.
In connection with this act, Turkey would like to underline, once again, the vital importance of efficient international cooperation and solidarity in countering terrorism which is a crime against humanity, regardless of its source and pretext. 

Turkey will resolutely continue its support to brotherly Pakistan’s fight against terrorism and extremism and her solidarity with the people and the government of Pakistan.